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The word "hydroplane" usually refers to a three point suspension craft. A three point hydroplane has two planing surfaces (sponsons) forward that are lower than the main hull and are outboard on either side. The third point is the propeller at the aft end of the boat. Hydroplanes use aerodynamics to force a cushion of air beneath the boat and at full speed only the front sponsons and the propeller at the rear of the boat should be touching the water.  The concept of such a three pint suspension craft was developed and patented by Amo Apel in 1936.  The modern day hydroplane is a refinement of this design principle.   Hydroplanes require relatively calm water to run well and are not intended for rough water conditions. Hydroplanes do not turn easily because they have so little hull in the water. To compensate a skid fin has been added to the back of the left sponson.
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Inboard Hydroplane Racing
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